Two Tears For Barbarella

The story so far:

Luna and Alva met during preparations for Ladyfest Bonn in 2008 but it wasn't until Ladyfest Köln over a year later that the idea took shape they should combine musical efforts. "I had no idea Luna even played the bass, and much better than I mastered my instrument, while she had seen me perform with my other band several times already". Through a mutual friend on vocals they planned a jam session with Alva on drums. In order to facilitate songwriting they met at Luna's place with only stringed instruments and decided it was better to keep it at that. After three shows as a two-piece it was time to add some structure to the texture and it so happened that Robin got very excited about their music when he saw them early in 2010. Alva asked him to join, knowing he was drumming for one of their friend's bands and things just skyrocketed from there.

It comes as no surprise to learn that the band cites PJ Harvey and Sleater-Kinney as one of their major influences. Their music has a somewhat uncomfortable edge to it, thus, although it is “quiet” and “calm”, there is nothing soothing about it. A constant itching lurks underneath the surface. The at times dual vocals shake you up and make a point of making things slightly uneasy. The deep soul feeling within Luna's singing contrasts with yet compliments Alva's less trained and more scratchy vocal chords. Ironically, they are the pretty darkness they curse.  Are we grunge? Who knows, but we like it.