Two Tears For Barbarella

80's Pop won't save my life

Baby where are your dreams I saw them fly towards the sun while you were walking in your paper shoes around and when you're high you feel so low since your mind is losing all control

And then the little girl sang: I dreamt of you

I said: We should dance, because I did that, too

What did we do? We fucked. Well in mine we just kissed so let's do that.

And now you're searching for your rights I saw them lie under the crowd. Don't feel too sorry, you're not the only one around and when you're high, they feel so low since your thoughts are losing all control

Twenty years on and you've become so judgmental

Like you were the mother of invention. Mother superior, if there's still an angel on your back

It's not me because girls just wanna have fun

#1 Embarrassment

Paula, your jacket is on fire it's not a critique it's merely an observation

There's no need to extinguish it, in fact I think it's charming how you're filled with burning love

'cause why worry about tomorrow, when it's warm enough outside tonight?

So let's just run into it and take the flames with us

Paula, your jacket is on fire, but you refuse to care

You should be glad, and I know you are, to have friends who will always have your back

So K why don't you go and get some water?

I always assumed you were a knight in shining armor and let's jump at the occasion and let our laughter lead the way

Paula, your jacket is on fire.

Let me help you plot your escape.

I'm gonna wear it despite all of its holes.

Will you still like me when you're sober?

At the immigration office

Our friendship has become

more hazardous than a dump

We tried to flush it

but the toilet overflowed


Oh no, it's such a shame, you're such a whore

Red lips, burning eyes, and you're not good at telling lies

I'm gonna eat my roses, gonna smash my ring

I'm gonna burn my dress, cause it don't mean a thing

The best Things far as i can see grow far, far away from me

Sun, take me to the ultimate, let me feel the higher grades. Sun, burn it down and let me see that life is still a part of me

Some Things lie in Darkness, I'm better if i see

my most important riddle keeps staring back at me

But my house is so nice, and the neighborhood.

I hide my pain, like a mother should

Every dream includes a lie and every fear hides a big surprise. If there's anyone who hasn't heard: I'm so happy in my boring world.

The fairest of them all is foul

It's the sound of your voice it's the glamor of your skin. It's the waste of your body it's the fashion that you're in. How could you tell what I hid so well inside my mouth, you forced it out. I read it all I know it all I can control in my mind and all I feel builds a picture made of my kind

Half-hearted, which one is the better?

And now you're feeling so small and now you're feeling so thin. I am an open book with only blank pages you tear them out one by one

please tell me when you're done. You got no time to get ready for the things that you're in

You better save yourself for something bigger than that. Throw away those problems that you've got or you had

I can't always smile for you

I don't believe in astrology

I spit it in, I spit it out, look what I've found

Strutting down to the river bed

Oh I can't control it, I feel at fault,

I breathe it in, I breathe it out, it's all around

Coughing up all that I've had

Oh is someone talking, I can hear a whispering sound

There's something crawling up inside me, a little animal with too many legs

and too many diseases, crawling backwards, back into my womb (Cancer)

Can you light my fire, can you get me through the storm

Who are all those people talking?

Put on my red coat, yes you know I like it warm

I don't need it, no I don't want to keep it

Can't someone glue my ears together?

Better stop holding on, you know I'm gonna leave.

Let me bleed into your t-shirt, baby

Step, step back, run.

I'm sorry you have to bother with my shit, but I can't help who I used to be. Darling, let me tell you, though: Now I wanna be someone, for you.

We all have our dark sides. Maybe I was too quick to show you mine. But I know who I am and I hope you know what you want.

I wish you would say please. Instead of being so grateful all the time. But I guess you're just too sweet to understand you deserve all of this and so much more.

I am the one who should be thankful for you, and I am - I am here. I hope I am where you want me to be.

And I'll stay, if you say so. I will stay, I hope you will stay, too.

Step, step back, run, show me your heart.

Music Lungs

Keep your feet out of my sight

I swell my lungs against your height

I'm dancing, romancing

No one can touch my music


exactly when I breathe in

Won't you be my soul defender?

I need you like water

I need you like water in my lungs

Come and breathe my soul defender

Through all the ways you can't compare

You feel my notes wave in the air

Look down, night is falling

No one feels you when you're calling

I fly above my music


exactly when I breathe in.

Of Shields and Hearts

The girl of my dreams is smoking in the next room

But the door is locked and I can't get up

We had chocolate for breakfast yet woke up alone again. The next day always seems to erase we've ever met

She said: I don't regret anything, that's why I staid home. I said: I missed you, I guess I'll just go on with that

If you think that's something more than nothing

Please look again. I'd worry more about me, friend

And here's to you: I never gave you my love 'cause

I was too scared you'd give it back

Pretty Darkness

Oh-a, Oh-a, Oh-a, Oh pretty darkness
you like to follow me through the day
get out of my face and take your dirty
gifts away from me. You are the hope crashing
under my fear, you are the distrust
that is talking when I want him near
Now I'm so close and I'm going to uncover
your dress, is it worth it? I feel a beat
under my chest (oh, night googles)

Oh pretty darkness I feel afraid when you cross my way. Your bitter taste and old fear embracing me You are the sun, the moon, coming out too soon. You are the air that I'm breathing in: Pollution brew. Now I'm so close and I'm going to uncover your dress
What's it worth, I feel a beat under my chest.

Sinister is the new chique, your mirror bears a critique

Queen of the Bees

I want the meadows bloomy I got to fly and fight

I like to get what I want but I can't hold it tight

I'm a mess in my dress, who wants to see me again?

I'm the queen of the bees, you know exactly what I mean

My anger doesn't translate, my smile is my disguise

These words are not my life, i committed emotional suicide. Amongst those hurdle masses, you'll learn to kiss their asses so when the ship hits rock bottom they'll spare yours

Stripped in sun and death I wear it on my chest

I'm on the upper side, come take me for a ride

I'm so deep, I'm so false, I kill my sweetest dolls

I'm the queen of the bees, you know exactly what I mean

There's stuff that's more important than this,

I just need to figure out what it is.

Riot Skirts

I might look awfully cute tonight but I've a knife strapped to my thighs. This ain't no Lara Croft fantasy, this is revenge for what you did to me

Je suis belle et tais-toi

Her androgyny is sexy but she won't give you the time of day. You don't believe in sisterhood? Well, you'll believe when my sisters jump on you


Please ask me a third time maybe my opinion has changed

honey would you be so kind, remind me of your name?

I'm wearing a paper bag I can only see through with one eye

I'm starting to believe You're really me, in disguise

My lovely referee I've got Köln-Kalk-Verbot

My lonely muse, I've got nothing to show for

I'm robotic, you are emotional

I am sensitive and you're on auto-pilot

You are six persons at a time, I can't keep track

You are six persons at a time and neither of them likes me

Sinking (friend)ships

Hey Mary are you fine behind your walls

Or are you getting sick of all your thoughts

Is the chance to find an open door

better if you closed them all before

And I'm so sick of the things you do

I hope you know

life doesn't come the easy way out

Oh and if you call my name

sorry that I wouldn't care.

If I could only see the sun, I swaer that you would be the one. I got your letter in the mail I hoped you would come home to me

In the search of your intention

make me see

If I could get some real

Another cross in my summary

in my summaries

Stars and Stones

Silencio, no hay banda

I'm so free, you're so free we got everything, everything clear. We're so fine so designed.

No sorrow's no crime

Sickness, broken Hearts, roll my stones and stars. Mud, I'm sinking. Clean me till I breathe

Straight from the heart

Access denied, this is a dead end

No dial-tone, ejected, rejected

Heart-broken, forsaken

The day you let your hair grow long

The day you let your hair grow out

I like to go away, I like to go for this

And if you like to stay, I like to stay for this

I've got to clean my head

But I can't clear your mind

You got to go or stay, you need to come alive

Speak out, come down,

come down and spit my heart out

(Knocked down, cried out, been down just to find out, I'm a fool for beautiful you)

Black and white can't capture the red of my heart or the blue of my soul

My face pressed against your window

I hoped to leave a stain

The day you changed your passport picture

the day it was supposed to expire

Knocked down, cried out, been down just to find out I'm through bleeding for you


You're so easy to adore,

here's my heart and here's my soul

Let me hang and I breathe

Show me everything I need

You're my summer I will keep you

I'd rather misbehave

You're my summer, how I need you

You're beautiful in every way

But summer if you leave, keep me alive

If anybody asks me you're the winner in the fight

Summer takes me higher it's so clear to see

If you could remember me

Now you're here and I can't take

Spit some life into my veins

Should I leave or should I lay down here beside you?

That everybody sees I'm just a winner in a time cube

Summer I want to keep you, summer in your way

Everybody needs you, everybody says

Oh you could be important, so important to my life

Oh you got me sacrificed. Summer takes me higher

Summer makes me see, if I could get up to see